Corrina Kennedy of Pathway Balancing

My personal journey

From Passion to Profession


I experienced kinesiology for the first time in May 1991. I was amazed and fascinated by the muscle-testing and the feeling of energy shifting and changing during and after the sessions. I wanted to know how it worked and signed up for a Touch for Health two day course. I found the training easy to follow, with a simple manual and guided practice from the Touch for Health Instructor. I loved seeing the results when I practised these basic techniques on my friends and work colleagues.

I continued with more two-day kinesiology courses in more advanced skills and realised this was my vocation. After three years of training to become a kinesiology practitioner, I went on to train as a Touch for Health Instructor and registered with the International Kinesiology College.

In 1996, new insights in my professional practice started coming through, with just a few notes about ‘searching for the highest possible source of help’. These early notes grew into several sheets and then two folders. Over time, the material continued to grow and a clear structure developed. The system was eventually named as Pathway Balancing Kinesiology.

I taught the first student, Jayne Nelson from Essex, in 2005. The course was further developed, as a two-year Diploma course, to meet the current National Occupational Standards in Healthcare for the UK. It was accepted as an Associated Course on the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) in 2010, and upgraded to an Affiliated Course in 2012, with the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO) as its current professional accrediting body. I was already Registered as a Senior British Registered Practitioner, due to my 27 years of experience in this field, when in March 2018 I was invited to become an Advisor to the BRCP. This means I can be consulted professionally in my areas of expertise and contribute to the upholding of the high standards required by the BRCP.


I have now trained many more people in the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) system and six students went on to fully qualify, with a Diploma in Pathway Balancing Kinesiology. These are now using their therapeutic skills to help others, some in professional practice as PBK Practitioners: Sue Preston-Eyles, Jolene Ironside, Stella Brookes, Owen Wheatley, David (Veda) Harris and Shirley Wilkins.


Becoming Healthier


I joined a gym in my mid-twenties, purely to look good and not for any remotely health-conscious reasons. Here, fellow member Marlene Williams convinced me to try Nature’s Sunshine Hops & Valerian capsules to help me sleep – my first small step towards becoming healthier.

I was in my early thirties when a friend was learning Touch for Health kinesiology and asked if she could practice on me. That night I had the first full night’s sleep I could ever remember.


My friend advised me to have professional sessions of kinesiology. These helped me to see, and carry out, the changes I needed to make in my life, for health and for my happiness. I was able to give up smoking and stop drinking too much alcohol. I began to reconsider my work-life and career path. 

I also learnt about herbal detoxing from two friends who were on 10 day cleanse. I thought they were mad because it made them feel so ill – until I saw them at the end of their detox. They both looked so sparkly-eyed, with good colour in their complexions. They spoke of sleeping better, getting up more easily in the mornings, and having more energy and less irritability during the day. I was sold and began my first 10-day herbal detox.

As the toxins were now clearing from my system, and my lifestyle was much less damaging, I began to have severe migraines. They happened on my days off and it would take two to three days to fully recover.  I was horrified when my doctor told me there was no real cure, just permanent medication – which didn’t have much effect on my severe symptoms anyway. I wouldn’t accept this as a permanent condition and began searching for a solution.

I read an article about craniosacral therapy as a method of relieving migraines, so I began having regular sessions. The process took time but was well worth it, eventually freeing me completely from an almost disabling condition. 

I now use kinesiology, Nature’s Sunshine Products, and craniosacral therapy regularly to maintain my health, build up my energy levels and create a sustainably healthy and better lifestyle.

I am now a professional complementary healthcare practitioner, using kinesiology, craniosacral therapy and Nature’s Sunshine supplements to help people feel better, look their best and resolve the root causes of their health and lifestyle problems.

The Deeper Health Lessons

My personal opinion is that migraines are not the problem; they are the resolution of the real problem – tension and toxicity, often rooted in supressed anger.

My analogy is that if you carried a very heavy shopping bag for a long distance, when you let it go, your fingers would begin to hurt. Once you flex them again, and the blood flows back into your skin and muscles, the process may hurt but eventually circulation and pressure returns to normal. I believe migraines are the release of tension in the neck and head, allowing an increased flow of blood and the washing away of stagnant fluids around the brain, eyes and skin.

During a course of therapy, whether craniosacral therapy, kinesiology or a supplement programme, clients will hit their own forms of tension, resistance, stagnation and denial. Unfortunately some people think this means the treatment is not working. It becomes too hard for them to face the lifestyle choices contributing to their health issues, personal disatisfaction or distress. For those people determined to live a healthier and more fulfilling life, this is the point to begin processing. Processing is an art, a life skill, that will make all the difference in a transforming lifestyle. Processing uncovers the deeper health lessons that need to be rooted out so that life can flow freely again. Holistic healthcare becomes a journey of changed perceptions and renewed and sustainable way  of life.

The process of building a new life has been long and challenging. The hope of an even better future to come has been uplifting and encouraging. I’ve learnt to value myself more appropriately. I’ve learnt about false love, and will never go back down that road again.

I know my family and friends really care about me and for me. I feel I belong again and have recovered my lost confidence. I’m much clearer about the difference between receiving and giving verses taking and giving away. I became dangerously isolated in both of my co-dependent marriages, which were each a different side of the same coin. Now I value the relationships I have. I can be with people I resonate with and release connections if things are moving in different directions. I have joy in my relationships and peace in my times for myself.


My Spiritual Pathway


Being raised in a Catholic family, I went to a Catholic Primary School, where some of the teachers were nuns from the local convent. As a child, I had a real sense of the presence of God in my life. However, I left this church tradition behind me during my teenage years.

During my mid 20’s, I was constantly looking for guidance about the way forward in life. This led me down many different pathways in my exploration. I often felt isolated and marginalised in my quest for spiritual truth. I look back now and see how dark some of those places were. I didn't know what I was being drawn into at the time. It would take years to clear those unwholesome influences and restore the damage done to my life.

In my late 30’s, when working at Pearl Assurance in Peterborough, I met a Christian and during our lunchtime walks, we had lots of interesting conversations about our spiritual beliefs. I accepted her invitation to her church and during the service, at St Georges in Stamford, Lincolnshire, for no apparent reason tears began to stream down my face. At dinner afterwards, I found out that the story in church had been the prodigal son in Luke Chapter 15 but I couldn’t see why that had made me cry. When Angela invited me to come the next week I said yes straight away. I was also intrigued by the powerful spiritual presence I‘d felt at the church.

I still had a lot of questions and went on an Alpha Course each week. During the course there was an invitation to step forward if you wanted to accept the Holy Spirit into your heart, looking to Jesus Christ and surrendering into God’s hands. I stepped forward. That was in November 1999 and I started attending Sunday Services and a weekly home group meeting. I discovered Christian book shops & Christian TV. I was baptised in December 2003.

 On Sunday 13th September 2009 I decided to visit a local Community Church. The building was a large and contemporary design, packed with smiling, colourfully dressed people. During the modern style of worship music at the start, I began to cry. The teaching was about having a relationship with God as your primary focus, and then nurturing relationships with people. I went again the following week and was greatly supported by their facilities and resources. I am now a fully committed member of that Church, and have developed great, real friendships. I have benefited from the many informative and supportive courses available there, including the Alpha Course.

People may take many pathways in their search for meaning and purpose in life, or looking for the presence of God. After an amazingly varied journey of my own, I’m now settled into the Way that’s right for me as I continue my spiritual journey on the pathway of Christianity.

The Summary of My Story

Pathway Balancing is a story of real life. It describes some of the pathways we follow, and the patterns that form, as a soul in our body. The material can track, resolve and repattern our blocks or weaknesses, from pre-conception as a sperm and an egg, through our birth journey, development and into the life we’re living today.

The material in the Pathway Balancing Journey has come out of the steps I’ve taken in my own personal journey and the steps and experiences of dozens of people who’ve also explored and discovered this Pathway. There is still more for me to do and discover, in order to fulfil my dreams and heart’s desires, but Pathway Balancing has helped me make sense of so much along the way and given me the practical tools to answer some of my questions and develop a much healthier, happier lifestyle with the promise of more, and better, yet to come.